[OS X TeX] Newcomer's questions

Josep M. Font font at mat.ub.es
Tue Aug 20 09:31:00 CEST 2002

Hi! I am new to the list, and I have several questions. As you will 
guess, I am considering upgrading to MacOS X. I am currently a 
satisfied and heavy user of Textures, and don't want to loose 
productivity in the change. So here they are.

Some questions concern both TeXShop and iTeXMac; please anyone 
responding specify if you refer to both or only one of them.

1.- Are BibTeX and MakeIndex incorporated into these programs ? (from 
TeXShop's documentation it seems so, but I'm not quite sure; and 
don't know about iTeXMac)

2.- Can teTeX be installed directly from the TeXLive CD-ROM instead 
of downloading it ? How ?

3.- Can the standard formats (e.g. plain, LaTeX, pdfLateX, etc.) be 
recompiled with hyphenation patterns for several languages ?

4.- Can one \dump new format files (.fmt, I think) for instance to 
pre-digest your favorite class and suite of packages ? I mean having 
several of these, and being able to choose one each time I typeset a 
different source file.

5.- Can TeXShop navigate from outpout to source and conversely ?

5.- It seems that when installing teTeX one has to choose between A4 
or lettersize paper. What effects has this ? Can I still choose which 
one from the \documentclass command ?

Thanks for any answers!

Josep M. Font
Faculty of Mathematics
University of Barcelona

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