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Ian L. lists at logicallemon.com
Tue Aug 6 16:13:38 CEST 2002


I use Vim, for which there is a MacOS X native port that opens the Vim GUI
(sans toolbar) in a Cocoa window. Vim does folding among hundreds of other
ingenious things. With TeXShop's "Configure for External Editor" mode, I
find this is the best way to edit TeX files. (IMHO :-)

    Vim (Vi IMproved) for Mac OSX

On 8/6/02 10:03A, William Adams enlightened us with:

> That's pretty much it---you select a block, or ideally, a TeX
> \input/include file, and either ``fold'' (say hiding a block under its
> callout), or revealing the text of the included file ``in situ''. Then
> one could edit a small included file in context (I'm working on a
> project which would go much faster so---having the option at the end to
> save out a version with all the \input s commented out, and the files
> included beneath them would be a Godsend.

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