[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 0.80b released

Michael McCracken michael_mccracken at mac.com
Mon Aug 5 03:06:57 CEST 2002

Hi again everyone.

BibDesk v0.80 beta is now available from 

You'll notice some changes and extra information on the website.
For example, the release notes and FAQ are now on separate pages, and 
there is a page which explains more about using the new RSS features of 
BibDesk at http://www.cs.ucsd.edu/~mmccrack/AboutRSS.html

Here's a few of the improvements and features you might be interested in:

* Type-ahead selection in publication table - type some letters in an 
author's name and BibDesk select s their publications.

* Custom citations drawer - allows more convenient use of different 
citation strings.

* Error reporting and editing - view errors and warnings from BibTeX 
parsing in bibdesk, edit and open a copy with the changes.

* RSS generation - please see 

A ton of GUI tweaks:
     * Configurable table columns and quick-search keys
     * columns remember their size and position, quicksearch fields 
remember their contents
     * other UI elements remember their previous settings across runs of 
the application.

And lastly, an experimental new view-by-author feature that presents 
publications in an outline form, grouped by author.
     NOTE: experimental means it can sometimes crash (specifically, when 
configuring the toolbar) so please save your files before evaluating it.

As usual, this is beta quality software, and although I use it 
regularly, I can not provide any guarantee of any kind about its 
stability. I am, however, very eager to respond to bug reports and fix 
bugs quickly. Please contact me with any bug reports or feature requests 
at michael_mccracken at mac.com.


PS, if you use the RSS feature, please email me a link to the file or 
just a notice. I do not plan to keep a directory, but I would like to 
know how many people are using it.

Michael McCracken
michael_mccracken at mac.com

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