[OS X TeX] Mac OS X 10.2 and my TeX installers

Irina Rosenthal artemisia at gmx.li
Sat Aug 17 01:49:35 CEST 2002

Gerben Wierda <Sherlock at rna.nl> writes:

> OK, here is the beginning of my nightmare and a possible reason why I
> may have to stop supporting command line use of my TeX
> environment.

Oh no! ;-)

> Anyway, I have created a stop-gap measure. I have adapted the
> tcsh-setting script that is part of my distribution. As it is now, it
> will work both on 10.1.5 and 10.2 if you have my distribution
> installed. It will remove the settings from /usr/share/init/tcsh and
> add a new setting to /etc/csh.login which exists on both systems.
Personally I don't feel comfortably with programs directly modifying
essential scripts in /etc. Why don't you do it the way fink does? 

fink modifies the path, manpath and infopath settings with the script
init.csh which is in fink's directory /sw/bin.

To make these settings active you have to put a file .cshrc or .tchsrc in
the homedirectory (if you don't have one already) containing the line:
source /sw/bin/init.csh

No sudo and no chmod necessary.
And if you want to deinstall fink, you have only to remove this line and
the fink directory.

Disadvantage: this would be a userspecific setting.
Since I don't know, what terrible things Apple did to /usr/share/init/tcsh 
I have no idea how to set the pathes systemwide on os 10.2.

greetings Irina

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