[OS X TeX] Re: Launching Alphatk from OzTeX

Andrew Trevorrow andrew at trevorrow.com
Sun Aug 25 14:16:15 CEST 2002

> Since this is an OzTeX question I'll ask it here rather than on
> AlphaTcl-user.

A better place would be the oztex-info mailing list.  Details on how to
subscribe are at http://www.trevorrow.com/oztex/.

> Does anyone know how to get OzTeX to launch Alphatk when you type <Cmd
> e>.  I tried setting
> 	"text_editor= AlTk"
> in the Local config file.  This produces an error: Could not find text
> editor with this signature "AlTk"

One solution is to rebuild your desktop file(s) from OS 9.  OzTeX searches
these files to locate an app using a given signature, but unfortunately
there seems to be a bug in the OS X Finder that causes the desktop files
to become incorrect.

Another solution is to download this beta version of OzTeX 5.1:


The archive assumes you are already using OzTeX 5.0.  Just replace your
existing Oz* apps with the new versions in the archive.

The new apps use a new strategy to find other applications which should
avoid the need to rebuild your desktop files when a requested application
can't be found.  If the desktop search fails then you'll be asked if you
want to manually search for the application using the standard open-file
dialog.  The chosen application will be remembered (in Oz* Prefs) and used
the next time the desktop search fails.

There are a couple of other nice new features in this beta release so make
sure you read the Changes file.

> I also tried calling Alphatk using a unix command but could not get it
> to accept the default file to launch.  I was able to launch Alphatk this
> way, just not pass a file name.

I don't have Alphatk so can't test this, but if you can type in a
suitable open command in Terminal that tells Alphatk to open a given file
then you should be able to do the same thing from OzTeX.  (I won't bother
going into more detail because the above solution should work.)


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