[OS X TeX] spellcheck, wasRe: MacOSX-TeX Digest #396 - 08/12/02

Gérard Degrez degrez at vki.ac.be
Wed Aug 21 11:31:18 CEST 2002

>Gérard Degrez <degrez at vki.ac.be> writes:
>>  My understanding is that Excalibur itself would become a NeXT
>>  "service" (rather than a standalone application). If that's the case,
>  A service typically is a stand-alone executable, too.  It's just an
>App that says "I provide a Service named xyz accepting abc."

Thanks for the info. But, when I launch the cocoAspell service from 
the Finder (well, actually it is launched at startup), nothing 
happens in the Finder (the application is running though, as can be 
checked with Process Viewer).
In my understanding, this suggests that the cocoAspell service 
interacts only with the applications designed to interact with it, 
with no standalone user interface.
Do I understand correctly from you message that this is not 
necessarily the case for all services?


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