[OS X TeX] 10.2 and iTeXMac and tetex

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Sun Aug 18 01:44:07 CEST 2002

On Saturday, August 17, 2002, at 11:01 , Joseph Slater wrote:

> The more appropriate solution would likely have been to edit iTeXMac to 
> point to the right place, but what's the fun of that! Actually, I gave 
> this a few minutes and threw in the towel because I knew this would 
> work. I think. Now I'm just waiting for someone who knows more than me 
> to tell me what a very bad thing I just did.

It is one of a zillion possible solutions. The bad thing is that there 
will be a zillion possible solutions and it will be impossible for me to 
handle all the problems that are going to result from them.

Personally, I think that if iTeXMac needs this kind of fiddling, ITeXMac 
is in error. Probably because Jerome has decided to use tcsh scripts (I 
warned him against tcsh for other reasons than this one (signaling). I 
also started out writing altpdftex in tcsh but later converted it to 
sh). I guess iTeXMac - if it wants to use tcsh for scripts - should have 
its own initialization script and source that, instead of something 
somewhere in the system that can be changed easily.

> From Gerben's statements, there seems to be a reason for not having 
> this login file where it was. Is that right?

No, it does not really matter.

> It's also a secret matter of some sort for Apple, or Gerben is simply 
> protecting idiots like me from ourselves. ;)

No, I heard the reason (in itself a good reason, but the result has 
disadvantages I think they underestimated) for this decision from 
someone inside Apple. As I do not know if this is public knowledge (e.g. 
has been discussed on the public darwin lists that I do not read 
myself), I consider this information given to me in good faith and 
without permission to replicate to the world.

Within a three days I have seen as many solutions. My fears are coming 
true. How much trouble it will be for me in the end is yet unknown.


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