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Gregg Reynolds greynolds at greynolds.com
Fri Aug 23 19:02:23 CEST 2002

>>> From: "Malcolm Ross" <Malcolm.Ross at anu.edu.au>
>>> Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 17:57:27 +0200
>>> I have been endeavouring to install Omega in order to use its Unicode
>>> facility. My success to date has been limited.
>>> If anyone has any experience of installing and using Omega
>>> successfully, I would be very happy to hear from you.
>>> Malcolm Ross

(what follows is quoted because I originally sent if from the wrong 
account -gar)

>>> I've got omega running from the teTex distribution (installed as part 
>>> of
>> TeXShop).  Omega-aware dviware and other tools are named with an 'o'
>> prefix.  Unfortunately, odvips seems to be broken.  Fortunately, you
>> don't need it, since dvipdfm seems to work with omega-produced dvi
>> files, albeit with lots of stern warnings (I think the omega 
>> developers are
>> playing with various 'specials' in the dvi file that dvipdfm doesn't
>> like).  Which after all is preferable on Mac OS X.  At least it does
>> with some Arabic stuff I've run through it.  It comes as part of teTeX,
>> and has a homepage somewhere.  I don't use the TeXShop frontend to work
>> with it, but you might find a way to make it go.
>> (btw, is the source for TeXShop available?)
>> As for support for more "exotic" languages, it looks to me like the 
>> core
>> functionality is there, but the OTPs might not be.  Based on my
>> experience fooling around with OTPs and virtual font specs, I would
>> think that you can add support for just about any language if you've 
>> got
>> fonts and can figure out how to make virtual fonts and OTPs.

G. Reynolds

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