[OS X TeX] Alphatk, texshop/oztex,

Vince Darley vince.darley at eurobios.com
Fri Aug 23 10:32:00 CEST 2002

At 08:00 PM 8/22/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Subject: Alpha+Texshop
>From: "Ingo Reich" <ingo.reich at uni-tuebingen.de>
>I just downloaded Alphatk and I'd like to use it together with TeXShop.
>Alphatk can "jump" to TeXShop via an AppleEvent triggered by "cmd-
>shift+s" (menu: Tex:Goto:LaTeX). Since TeXShop uses the keybinding
>"cmd-shift+l" for LaTeX it would be convenient to change the keybinding
>in Alpha. Can anyone tell me how to do that? ­ I already had a look at
>the Alpha manual and tried to find out the correct syntax for the
>binding, but neither "Utils ... Key Code" nor  "Config Describe Binding"
>seems not to provide me with any serious information (it just prints
>'s'). Sorry for this being a bit off-topic.

Unfortunately 'Describe Binding' is buggy in the current release so while 
the bindings do work, it is hard to find out what they are.

So, perhaps the best solution is to read 'Default Key Bindings' in the help 
menu, and you can set up your own binding, perhaps:

Bind '1' <cs> [list TeX::mp::goto goto "LaTeX"]

(you may need to try '!' (=shift-1) instead; I forget).

Subject: Launching Alphatk from OzTeX
>Since this is an OzTeX question I'll ask it here rather than on
>Does anyone know how to get OzTeX to launch Alphatk when you type <Cmd
>e>.  I tried setting
>         "text_editor= AlTk"
>in the Local config file.  This produces an error: Could not find text
>editor with this signature "AlTk"

This sounds like your desktop database (or whatever the osx equivalent is) 
is out of date, or that OzTeX is doing something wrong.

>I also tried calling Alphatk using a unix command but could not get it
>to accept the default file to launch.  I was able to launch Alphatk this
>way, just not pass a file name.

Yup, Alphatk behaves like a Mac application in that way, so you can't pass 
filenames in.  However, I think this is something that should be possible, 
so I will make some tests and could perhaps add that to the next release.



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