[OS X TeX] updating to 10.2

Thomas Schröder thomas at t-schroeder.de
Fri Aug 30 21:55:58 CEST 2002


> - After the installation of Jaguar, folders and files which had 
> English names in 10.1 have inherited French names in 10.2 (I use the 
> French version of OS X). Actually it's not exactly that: for example, 
> the Library folder is still named "Library" and Preview.app is still 
> named "Preview.app" internally, as shown by Terminal.app, but the 
> Finder displays them as "Bibliothèque" and "Aperçu", respectively, 
> which are the proper French words.

Nice, isn't it? This was one of the reasons I had been looking forward 
to 10.2 :-)

> It is all very good, except for one thing: this is not true of all 
> users accounts created before installation of 10.2, where all folder 
> (Library, Music, Pictures, Movies, etc.) are still displayed with 
> their English names (instead of Bibliothèque, Musique, Images, 
> Séquences, etc. for newly created accounts).

This is obviously a bug in the Finder. To avoid it, just uncheck 
"Always Show Suffix" (or whatever it's called in the English Finder, I 
use the German one :-) in the Finder preferences, and voilà, all the 
nice translations are active again :-)

I already filed this bug with Apple's feedback site, but of course 
everybody's welcome to do so again.

      Ciao, Thomas

Thomas Schröder +++ thomas at t-schroeder.de

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