[OS X TeX] pictures in plain tex with TexShop

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Tue Aug 27 17:23:39 CEST 2002

Le mardi, 27 aoû 2002, à 16:35 Europe/Paris, Jerry Grossman a écrit :

> I am used to using plain TeX with TeXtures on a Mac.  Now I have gotten
> TeXShop for my new OS X iMac, and I don't see know to incorporate 
> pictures
> (Macpaint drawings or Excel charts, for example) into my plain TeX
> document.  I used the \special {picture} command with TeXtures, and put
> the picture itself in the pictures window of TeXtures.  How do I get
> pictures into my TeXShop document?  (There seems to be lots of 
> information
> on doing this in LaTeX, but I'm an old-fashioned plain TeX person.)

I don't think integration of PNTG or PICT images can be that 
straightforward in OS X. Basically there are two problems: (1) convert 
your picture to a format recognizable by TeXShop and (2) find a plain 
TeX macro file that allows inclusion of pictures in this or these 

As regards problem (1), for PICT files you can follow three routes:

- Open your PICT files in Preview.app then select Export and the PDF 
format. It creates a PDF version of your pictures that you can 
incorporate in TeXShop in pdfTeX mode.

- From your drawing application save your pictures in EPS format and 
use TeXShop in TeX + GhostScript mode.

- Save your pictures in EPS format then drag them onto TeXShop. They 
will be converted to PDF format.

For PNTG files (MacPaint files) you might try the shareware 
GraphicConverter (http://www.lemkesoft.de), it might be able to read 
your files and convert them to EPS format.

As regards problem (2), for PDF images you can use the pdfTeX 
instruction equivalent to Textures' \special {picture filename}, that's:


as described in the pdfTeX manual 
/Library/teTeX/share/texmf/doc/pdftex/base/pdftexman.pdf. For EPS 
images you can use the epsf.tex macros (write "\input epsf" in your 
plain TeX file then include your pictures as described in the comments 
of epsf.tex or in the dvipsmanual 

Alternatively, you might use the macros provided in TeXShop's 
distribution in the folder "Graphics_In_Plain_TeX". This allows 
more-or-less to use the functionality of LaTeX's graphics package in 
plain TeX.

Two more things:

- No (and I think this was your original question), you cannot use 
copy-and-paste from your drawing application to your TeX application to 
include pictures, as in Textures.

- pdfTeX also accepts pictures in JPEG format, should your drawing 
application be capable of creating them.

And lastly: Textures for OS X is informally announced for the end of 
this year, see http://www.bluesky.com/news/news_frames.html.

Bruno Voisin

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