[OS X TeX] Opening documentation with TeXShop

Matthias Damm osxtex at macpla.net
Mon Aug 5 22:25:12 CEST 2002

At 10:37 Uhr -0700 05.08.2002, Richard Koch wrote:

> There is a problem opening dvi documentation files with TeXShop
> if the documentation is in the teTeX directory.

Yes, I have recognized that, too.

> This is one of a great many bugs on my list.

I know you didn't acually ask for that, but here's my top feature requests
(I've switched back from iTeXMac to TeXShop again - iTeXMac is really buggy
compared to TeXShop, and it is so incredibly slow...):

- I would like to be able to define scripts LaTeX, BibTeX etc. one for any
file (or sets of scripts which can be connected to a file). This could be
done so much nicer than it is done in iTeXMac!

I'm using a script which is started from the Terminal at the moment (I'm
using bibtopic, and have to call BibTeX somewhat like
bibtex file1
bibtex file2
bibtex file2

- TeXShop should not open a .pdf and a console window for any file opened,
especially not more than one for files beloning to the same main document.
For me it was fine if TeXShop did nothing except from opening the .tex file
with options to open the connected files.

In brief, it is "give us some of the options from iTeXMac, but let TeXShop
stay as elegant and as fast as it is!". Please...

> A member of my family
> had a serious operation and I've been sidetracked for about a month,
> but hope to start working on these bugs again soon. Apologies ...

No need to apologize - nice to see you back. All the best to your relative!

Best regards,
Matthias Damm <m.damm at web.de>
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"Ein Optimist, wer unsere Welt für die beste aller möglichen hält;
ein Pessimist, wer fürchtet, daß dies stimmt" - James Branch Cabell

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