[OS X TeX] Mac OS X 10.2 and my TeX installers

Paolo Ghirardato paolo at hss.caltech.edu
Thu Aug 15 03:28:15 CEST 2002

>Installation of my TeX installers on Mac OS X 10.2 is at your own 
>risk. I have had no problems installing on a 10.2 prerelease, but I 
>have had reports of problems ad there is certainly one area where I 
>know things have changed in a way that I have to change the 
>Please wait until I have received and installed 10.2 and have 
>tested/adapted the installations.

Two stupid questions:

Does that mean that we will have problems using the tetex that we are 
currently using with 10.1.5 (i.e., the already installed one)?
What about TeXShop (I know, I should ask Dick Koch about this)?

Put in a single question: should I wait to make sure that all the key 
TeX software runs before upgrading?

I apologize for the obvious ignorance (but I hope I am performing a 
social service here).

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