[OS X TeX] landscape escapes me

oskar holm ohal at ucdavis.edu
Tue Aug 20 07:04:18 CEST 2002

hi everybody.

i want to start by thanking everyone who has contributed to this list, i 
have been listening in the shadows for some time now, and learned a lot 
>from the discussion.

but i must have missed it if you ever wrote about this issue, which i am 
facing now. it is not exactly a mac os x issue but more a problem 
concerning the difference between latex and pdflatex:

i am trying to create a document in landscape (with text in two columns) 
using pdflatex (and texshop or oztex). as i mostly suspected, just writing


in the preamble didn't do the trick. i remember over a year ago, i was 
trying to do the same  formatting on a linux machine and that never worked 
until someone told me that i had make the final postscript file landscape 
with a dvips option. now, with pdflatex and no dvips in the way, how is the 
same effect achieved?

please bear in mind my level; i've used latex quite a bit, but usually on 
university computers  that were maintained and supported by a slew of 
professionals! it is only recently (with the advent of mac os x) that i 
find myself maintaining the distribution on my own machine.

btw, does anyone have a simple explanation for me why when i typeset a file 
in oztex and view the dvi there, it looks much better (text is less jagged)
  than if i typeset the same file in texshop and view it (pdf, i guess?) 
there? have i set up something wrong?

any help appreciated.


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