[OS X TeX] pdf viewing in preview.

Bob Strain strain at e151.cfm.brown.edu
Fri Apr 5 20:42:28 CEST 2002


I have just received a pdf with math in it.

Using Preview with OS X 10.1.3 most of the math looks like garbage.  Using
acrobat reader 5.0 with OS X also gives garbage.  Simple symbols like the
summation are non-existant or look wacky.

The strange thing is that if I put this pdf on the dept. server, running
XDarwin to open the pdf with acroread then it looks perfect.  No problems in
this case.

It does not seem to be a font problem because there are no non-standard

Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of how the pdf was generated except that
it was definitely not generated on a Mac.

Could anyone offer an idea about the nature of my problem?

Bob Strain

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