[OS X TeX] ANNOUNCE mbtimes font package

Gary L. Gray gray at engr.psu.edu
Mon Apr 1 03:00:16 CEST 2002

On 3/31/02 3:35 PM, "Michel Bovani" <michel.bovani at wanadoo.fr> wrote:

> Its a font package with more possibilities than mathptmx and (probably) less
> quality than mathtimes (but it is free).

This looks very interesting and your installation instructions are
excellent. I do have one question though (see below).

> 7 - uses for blackboard bold the esstix14 font from elsevier free esstix
> distribution. Note that you are *not* allowed to
> * distribute this font alone
> * modify this font

Regarding the esstix font. Where exactly does one install all the files
associated with this font? What command do I use to access the blackboard
fonts -- is it the same command as is used in AMS-LaTeX, i.e., \mathbb?
Since it looks like the esstix font might act as a complete replacement for
the additional fonts in AMS-LaTeX, can we simply load AMS-LaTeX via (without
the amssymb package), as in:


If not, how do I access all these other esstix fonts?

Thank you,

-- Gary

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