[OS X TeX] pdfscreen : insert movie

Gérard Degrez degrez at vki.ac.be
Tue Apr 9 16:25:46 CEST 2002

>It doesn't work for me : Acrobat gives an error saying there is an 
>error reading the data... Could you try with my test file to see if 
>it's a local problem with my installation ?

Oops, I didn't check carefully enough before writing it worked for me.
Here's what works:
\pdfannot width 320pt height 79pt depth 79 pt%
{/Subtype /Movie%
/Title (Vorticity)%
/Movie << /F (re3900-persp-2.avi) /Poster true >>%
/A << /Mode /Repeat >>}

>   /Subtype /Movie
>   /T (Movie Titile)
>   /Movie <</F (movie.mpg) /Aspect [400 300]>>
>   /A << /ShowControls true >>
>   /ANN pdfmark}

The frame dimensions must be supplied externally, where 
height=depth=image height/2, so, for the case of your example width 
400pt height 150pt depth 150pt.
/Showcontrols is optional, as well as /Poster true
I find this latter option useful, it displays the first frame of the 
movie as a still image and you just click on it to start the movie.

Note: in my case, I wrapped the \pdfannot command inside a picture 
environment. I found it easier to adjust the movie positioning.

Gérard Degrez

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