[OS X TeX] PDF full-screen viewer and other tools

Maarten Sneep sneep at nat.vu.nl
Tue Apr 2 17:40:32 CEST 2002

On tuesday, april 2nd, 2002, Ullrich Steiner wrote:

> I downloaded your viewer.  Good work.  But given the limitations of 
> Quartz, I doubt whether it is usable for presentations.

I guess that depends on the presentation. If you have relatively little 
multi-media and relatively large amounts of mathematics, I guess it 
could work. The difference for line-art (graphs) when compared to 
acrobat is amazing.

> 1.   Included QuickTime movies don't work (a must for me!)

Uuhm, yes. _That_ would require more work from me than I have time for 
right now. But hey: the sources are there ;-)

> 2.  Some of the typesetting is not rendered correctly

Such as? Is things show up correctly in texshop, they should be fine in 
my program.

> 3. For some reason, the pages of my presentations are shifted by about 
> 1/3 of a page to the right.  This must be a bug of the "presenter" 
> since they display correctly in the previewer.

I deliberately put a black surface behind my pdf-rendering. The aspect 
ratio of the material is preserved (if you want, I can change 
that... ;-) and the whole page is displayed in the screen. please 
prepare your pdf-file with an aspect ratio of 3:4 (h:w) to use most 
beamers correctly. The 1/3 I noticed on a few files as well. Maybe it 
has something to do with the bounding box of thos pdf-files themselves. 
If you could send me one of those files....

I do position the pdf within my window so somebug could be there.

> I guess we are stuck with Acrobat until Apple fixes and extends Quartz.
> - Ulli

And at that moment, my Presenter should work unaltered...

Take care,


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