[OS X TeX] Large Symbols Partially Printed from PDF from LaTeX

hanson at math.uic.edu hanson at math.uic.edu
Fri Apr 26 02:33:47 CEST 2002

Excuse me if this problem has been solved, but I could not find any solution.

I just upgraded from OS 4.2 (NeXT) to OS X (Mac 10.1.2), and yesterday
I downloaded and installed the recent regular version TeXShop and
Wierda's teTeX/GS packages.  Everything installed easily without much
pain.  However, when I tested the combined system on a current finance
paper, I found that large symbols like brackets or integral signs
generated from \left and \right pairs had only the top part of the
symbol printed from the PDF output.  These large symbols viewed
correctly in the PDF viewer or Preview.

Richard Koch said on his site that 
At the moment, we know of three important Apple bugs. All have been reported to Apple. 

*       The printer sometimes prints accented letters with the accent
in the wrong spot, even though the accent is shown correctly on the

*       Some printers chop off the bottom of large symbols: integral
signs, summation signs, and parentheses of various types. These symbols
are shown correctly on the screen. Postscript printers do not have this
problem; many ink jet printers do.

*       Pdf files created by ghostscript 7.0 display with missing
fonts, even though pdf files created by ghostscript 6.0 display

My first attempt was using latex with pdflatex checked, and then on
various command line combinations of pdflatex, dvips/ps2pdf, to narrow
down the problem, even using various dvips options like -Ppdf -G and
-Pamz, but none of these worked when the proper PDF file was
printed.  On some systems using TeTeX and Ghostscript, the G option
caused improper ligature conversions.

However, I am not sure the problem is an Apple problem, since 
when I transferred a PDF file from the same latex source using an old teTeX
>from OS 4.2 and Adobe Distiller for ps->pdf, the PDF file viewed
and printed the large symbols in full.

Thanks in Advance for any Help,
Floyd Hanson

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