[OS X TeX] Re: More on Illustrator 10 Font Problems with TeXShop / TeTex

Gordon Sick gordonsick at mac.com
Tue Apr 2 08:13:09 CEST 2002

    Thanks for your quick and detailed reply. I'll have to spend some
time digesting it's content.
    Meanwhile, I think that we may have a solution to your problems as well.
The dificulty is in making this work reliably.
    When I ran Tex and ghostscript and then opened in either Illustrator
or Acrobat, the fonts were vector fonts and they scaled without any
jaggies. The only problem was the missing characters in Illustrator when
I didn't use ghostscript.
    Note that in this setting, we aren't trying to reimport back to
Tex, so I've just tried a simple example that pulls it back into Tex
(TexShop) and the Ghostscript example does come back fine and scales
Properly (smoothly).
    It looks like there are lots of minor things that help or prevent
the right results form happening. I'm still now sure what is really
needed and what stops the show.
    In the past we've used Textures and Illustrator (with eps files as the
medium) and had success. We're looking for the OS X native solution.
    The ghostscript I'm using is the default one from the installer that
Gerben Wierda has on the web (I tried his slick i-Installer.app)
    --cheers, gordon
On Sunday, March 31, 2002, at 09:20 PM, hills_tex at tina.stanford.edu

> Hi Gordon,
>   I think the problem is a how Illustrator 10 handles fonts and PDF
> import/
> export.  (Freehand 10 wasn't much better for reading the PDFs, by the
> way.)
> Secondly, when you ran "Tex and ghostscript", you were probably
> embedding a
> bitmapped font in your PDF (so it renders the correct symbol, but ugly).
> The only way that I've found to work is to keep everything in
> postscript up
> until you produce your final document:
>   i.e., if you want to set an equation and then load it into
> illustrator:
>     1) Create a postscript file with type 1 fonts:
>          latex test.tex
>          dvips -z -P www test
>     2) edit the file in Illustrator as postscript
>          (the fonts seemed fine here)
>     3) save out as postscript, and load back in to latex that way...
>   I would only output a PDF for final printing:
>     1) create a postscript file with type 1 fonts
>          (as above)
>     2) distiller
>          (probably other options here)
> A couple of notes:
>   DVIPS -z -P www  This reads in the file "config.www" which, by
> default,
>            ^^^^^^  calls the "bsr.map" and "bsr-interpolate.map" files
>                    to enable the type-1 encoding.  you could just as
> easily
>                    make up your own config file, or you can create the
> file
>                    ".dvipsrc" in your home directory with the line:
>                    "p +bsr.map"  (without the quotes)
>   Illustrator      Exporting from Illustrator is also a problem.  Even
>   & PDFs           when the file is read in as postscript and the fonts
> are
>                    fine, saving it out as a PDF file causes problems.
>                   (it won't print correctly from acrobat; in fact, it
>                    made a font substitution on me: it changed the
> CMSY10 "-"
>                    to something in the Symbol font)
>   PDFs & TeX       This really seems to be a promising route, and the
> TeXShop
>                    application is pretty nice.  I'm a bit discouraged
>                    by problems like this with the fonts (not that PS is
>                    lots better--I'd love to be proved wrong and learn of
>                    a font 'solution'), and what I'd really like is to be
>                    able to include EPS graphics directly -- sort of a
> one-stop
>                    TeX distiller!
>   Illustration     As a sidenote, I had a lot of problem getting
>   Apps             Illustrator 10 EPS files to read into InDesign 2, and
>                    switched to PDF-based exports there; I think using
> older
>                    EPS formats might work better.  What a mess. -- I
> would
>                    gladly abandon illustrator if I could find another
> program
>                    that dealt with postscript files well!
> (Acrobat=>PDF=>
>                    Freehand is tempting, but the latter is a shade
> unstable,
>                    and the earlier versions that I use for most of my
>                    illustration work don't import as robustly))
> Matt

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