OzTeX 5.0 is now available

Andrew Trevorrow andrew at trevorrow.com
Fri Apr 19 16:12:46 CEST 2002

OzTeX 5.0 is available for download (10.1MB) from the main CTAN sites:


After unpacking the .sit file please read the supplied Read-Me file.

Here are the changes to the 5.0a release:

* Fixed an obscure bug that could stop a TeX/DVI/PS file being remembered.

* Fixed a bug handling "|" in config file comment lines (%...) and message
  lines (@...).  Also, lines containing only spaces/tabs are now ignored
  (they used to generate a rather confusing error message).

* OzTeX now saves the drop_tex/dvi/ps lists before a drop.config/foo.config
  file is loaded and restores the lists after the dropped file is processed.
  Because any drop_tex/dvi/ps settings in these config files are temporary,
  there is no possibility of an unexpected task list being activated when
  a different file is dropped.

* Added :TeX:Docs:LaTeX:drop.config which shows how to convert dropped
  EPS files to PDF and then preview them (requires OS X and Ghostscript).

* The ":TeX:Configs:Use texmf tree" file has been improved.  In particular,
  $c has been added at the START of OzTeX's ps_folders list so that dvips
  will use OzTeX-specific files like :TeX:DVIPS:Inputs:special.pro.

* Modified :TeX:DVIPS:Inputs:config.ps so that the a4 paper size lines come
  before A4size.  The advantage for people who use A4 paper is that an "a4"
  command is included in the dvips output; this forces Unix commands based
  on Ghostscript (like ps2pdf) to use the correct paper size.  There is
  no longer any need to add a "-t a4" option to dvips.

* I decided to remove XRay, Excalibur and Odd Jobs from the Extras folder
  to reduce the size of the .sit file (they are on the new OzTeX CD, but
  not in Extras).

* The "Related Software" item in OzTeX's Help menu contains a large list of
  links to TeX-related software and resources.

* Minor changes to the OzTeX User Guide and various other docs.


PS. The OzTeX CD master has been sent to the distributors and should be
ready for delivery next week.  More about the CD later.

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