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Zachary Davis zsd3711 at gamma2.uta.edu
Tue Apr 2 03:18:02 CEST 2002

Monday, 1 April 2002


I was hoping that one of you might be able to help me with a 
misunderstanding about typesetting matrix equations in LaTeX.  I have 
read through the table and matrices sections of Kopka & Daly's book 
(Chapters 4 & 5), but I seem to be missing something in which teTeX 
isn't happy with.  My source looks something like the following:

(\vec{e_1},\vec{e_1}) & (\vec{e_1},\vec{e_2}) & \cdots & 
(\vec{e_2},\vec{e_1}) & (\vec{e_2},\vec{e_2}) & \cdots & 
(\vec{e_n},\vec{e_1}) & (\vec{e_n},\vec{e_2}) & \cdots & 
\end{array} \right]

\vdots \\
\end{array} \right]


\vdots \\
\end{array} \right]

I was hoping this would typeset two matrices being multiplied by each 
other and which were equal to a third array, and of course have an 
equation number next to it.  Any help about where I went wrong would be 


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