[OS X TeX] Matlab for Mac OS X

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Fri Apr 26 00:20:32 CEST 2002

> Dear All,
> UniMac is coordinating a survey on behalf of The MathWorks. What's at 
> issue
> is whether The MathWorks should support Mac OS X with its MATLAB 
> software.
> Please, take the time to respond to this survey:
> http://unimac.switch.ch/projects/matlab.en.html
> Best,
> -Aaron
> p.s. I am sorry if anyone thinks this to be SPAM. I believe that this
> petition affects sufficient recipients of this list to warrant the mass
> mailing.

No I don't think this should be regarded as SPAM.
There are many mathematicians on this list, and programs like
Mathematica and MATLAB are important tools in our teaching,
as well as perhaps for research.
Besides, they have TeX-output options, so can be regarded as
partial front-ends to TeX software.

The issue of the lack of MATLAB for MacOS X has been around for a long
time --- as long as OS X itself, I suppose.  :-)
I first became aware of it at an Apple Developers' Conference last
year (Townsville, Australia, Sept 2001) where the Apple developers
were requesting that the academics lobby MathWorks, to convince them
of the size of the market. 

So Apple wants it, and they have done what they can.
It is up to the prospective users to make their needs known.

Even if you don't use MATLAB now (on whatever platform --- I don't)
but think it a good idea that it should be available on MacOS X,
then visit the website above, and add a name to the list.

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

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