[OS X TeX] OmniOutliner and pdfScreen

Fredrik Wallenberg fwallenberg at mac.com
Tue Apr 30 18:12:43 CEST 2002

A great big thanks to John Johnson for putting together the apple script 
that converted an OmniOutliner document to TeX. I have modified his code 
to create slides (using the pdfscreen format) from an outline.

The script has the following features and constraints:
-The top level bullet is treated as a new slide
-All lower bullets are treated as part of itemized lists with 
indentation preserved (a new \begin{itemize} for each indent)
-Notes in the TOP LEVEL (slide level) only are added as body text on the 
-The script will not add multiple levels at the same time (but will 
close multiple)

for example:


works fine, but


does not work (you're code will have more \end{} than \begin{})

A commented version of the script can be found here:


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