[OS X TeX] system calls

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Thu Apr 18 13:01:25 CEST 2002

Andy White <bad_machine at mac.com> writes:

> \begin{tabular}
> 	`perl table2tex.pl foo.dat` % or whatever the shell escape is
> \end{tabular}

 Sorry, you can't use the zcat style solution here, since that
depends on support from dvips.  What you can do is to enable \write18
in your texmf.cnf and then do something like

\immediate\write18{perl table2tex.pl foo.dat > foodat.tex}

 But, really, I would suggest you use a makefile instead to call the
converter before starting the TeX run.  A simple one could look like

paper.dvi: paper.tex chapter1.tex foodat.tex
           latex $<
           latex $<
           latex $<
           makeindex $<
           latex $<

foodat.tex: foo.dat
            perl table2tex.pl $< > $@

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