[OS X TeX] [ANN] New release of LaTeX enhanced mac-emacs

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Fri Apr 12 01:30:13 CEST 2002

On Thursday, April 11, 2002, at 07:41 , Michel Bovani wrote:

> Le 11/04/02 19:32, « Gérard Degrez » <degrez at vki.ac.be> a écrit :
>> A newbie question (although this might not be the most appropriate
>> forum): when I select "pdflatex" from the Command menu, nothing
>> happens (actually it says "problems after 0 page"), but the same file
>> compiles perfectly from TeXShop. What's wrong? [the tex file is of
>> course in Mac - not Unix - format].
> Hi Gérard !
> try to create a ~/Library/init/tcsh/ directory and  put in it a file
> named rc.mine and containing
> setenv PATH "${PATH}:/usr/local/teTeX/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin-current"
> Perhaps you have to add also tour gs path.

I haven't paid much attention to this thread, but I don't think you 
should follow this advice. In case you have installed one of my 
distributions, the PATH is already set that way in the global tcsh init 


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