[OS X TeX] Large Symbols Partially Printed from PDF from LaTeX

hanson at math.uic.edu hanson at math.uic.edu
Fri Apr 26 07:18:39 CEST 2002

Thinking about the problem some more, I decided to perform some more
controlled experiments:  using my dept. office Sun workstation, I
tried the same source using (1) pdflatex, (2) latex+dvips+ps2pdf, and
(3) latex+dvips+adobedistiller.  The first 2 generated PDF files
that produced defective large symbols when printed, loosing the 
bottoms of the characters in MAC OS X, as previously reported, but
also in WinNT4.  Case (3) using the Adobe Distiller that I have
available in WinNT4, produced good printouts of the large symbols
that the other cases produced bad output.

The result seems to indcate the the problem is Ghostscript used
in pdflatex and ps2pdf in both cases on Sun Unix and MAC OS X.
The problem is very likely NOT Apple or MAC OS X, as indicated
on the TeXShop homepage for this problem.  Good thing, since
you really cannot wait for any computer company to fix its bugs,
if sufficiently large.

Hope This Helps,
Floyd Hanson

Hanson and Seguin said, in part:  
> > > I just upgraded from OS 4.2 (NeXT) to OS X (Mac 10.1.2), and yesterday
> > > I downloaded and installed the recent regular version TeXShop and
> > > Wierda's teTeX/GS packages.  Everything installed easily without much
> > > pain.  However, when I tested the combined system on a current finance
> > > paper, I found that large symbols like brackets or integral signs
> > > generated from \left and \right pairs had only the top part of the
> > > symbol printed from the PDF output.  These large symbols viewed
> > > correctly in the PDF viewer or Preview.
> > 
> > I've noticed this kind of effect on the screen as well, specifically 
> > with \bigcup. The bottom of the big union symbol is sometimes missing, 
> > both in the TeXShop viewer and in Acrobat Reader. If my memory is 
> > correct, it happens only with magnifications > %100, and it doesn't 
> > happen consistently. The bottom of the union symbol usually reappears if 
> > scrolled off and then back onto the screen.
> Yes; and I just had it happening with the lower half of \Bigl ( and 
> large braces (moustaches) at 160% .
> On changing the scaling in the TeXShop window, the missing bits came,
> and I've been unable to force the bad effect since.
> There was nothing missing when the page was printed.
> So I guess some electrons just got lazy for awhile.  :-)
> Cheers,
> 	Ross
> > Richard Seguin
> > 

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