[OS X TeX] a LaTeX type 1 grouped font?

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon Apr 1 23:46:02 CEST 2002

hills_tex asked:
> I'm pretty happy being able to install the Y&Y/Bluesky type-1 CM fonts in
> Adobe's application support folder and then have them available in
> Illustrator.  I'm wondering if there is a way to trim down the # of menu
> spaces the font takes?
> (ie, instead of seeing cmr10 and cmr12 listed separately, I just see "cmr"
> .)
> How does Y&Y's Lucida Bright series show up?

This is caused by Apple's backwards-compatibility with Mac bitmap screen 
fonts. If the fonts aren't all in one suitcase, putting them there will 
trim the entries somewhat.

NeXTstep does properly categorize the fonts by way of the font family name 
provided within the font, and make them available as styles of ``Computer 
Modern'', but unfortunately, since nifty .font bundle support was lost, 
the .pkg of said fonts at ftp.peak.org/pub/next doesn't work in Mac OS X.

There's an extension for Mac OS <9 which'll hide away the fonts, but then 
one can't readily make use of them.

I suspect the ``Super Computer Modern'' font set would work better as does 
the spiffy QuickDraw/GX enable TrueType version which is a part of TeX/GX 
available from www.sil.org, but haven't had a chance to investigate these.
  One can use the ``Favorites'' collection feature of the font panel to 
whittle this sort of thing down to a manageable set though.


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