[OS X TeX] gs7 i-package upgraded from gs 7.00 to gs 7.04

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Fri Apr 5 09:37:40 CEST 2002

The first real world i-Installer update test:

For people who have installed the gs7 i-Package: I have upgraded the 
contents of that i-Package from gs7.00 to gs7.04. To upgrade: open the 
dedicated i-installer for TeX (or a normal i-Installer as root), in 
Recent documents, find gs7 (this opens the version in your local cache), 
click check for update. If you install gs7 for the first time, open URL 
http://www.ntg.nl/macosx-tex/i-packages/gs7.ii with i-Installer.app 
running as root or from a dedicated authenticating i-installer (like the 
one for TeX).

As I do not run gs7 myself (but gs6.01) these binaries and this 
distribution is untested, nor has the update procedure been tested in 
this particular case. I'd like you to test them for me ;-) This is 
experimental, but in case of problems it is easy for me to revert to 
gs7.00 for the gs7 i-Package.

The install procedure will leave the gs7.00/gs6.01 libraries on your 
system, while it overwrites existing gs programs and man pages. This 
will be fixed in a later i-package release by the addition of a 
post_install script which will remove unused files.


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