[OS X TeX] PDF full-screen viewer and other tools

Maarten Sneep sneep at nat.vu.nl
Tue Apr 2 17:11:35 CEST 2002

Hi listers,

A while back the crappy display of line-art by Acrobat was mentioned on 
this list. Someone mentioned that Quartz does this much better. I 
figured it should be a one-liner to create a viewer that is good enough 
to give presentations through quartz. If you take into account that I am 
a Ph.d. student in physics (and therefore count as 1, 2, many...), it 
was indeed a one-liner...;-)

You can find this _limited_ program on

(See the link near the top of the page).

- Only uses the main screen for display.
- Once in full screen mode, you can't go back to window-mode, your 
option is to quit the program. The program will not crash, but getting 
back to windowing mode without crashing ws not possible for me. Anyone?
- fancy page transitions are not supported. This may be a blessing ;-)
- Read the help-file for all options. The help is displayed at the first 
start-up and can be reached from the help menu. Please familiarize 
yourself with the program before using is in front of a group...

In the package you'll find some other tools as well: a colorselector and 
a ris2bib. Information is included in the dmg and on the page.

Please report typo's, bugs and solutions to me: sneep at nat.vu.nl

Take care,

Maarten Sneep

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