[OS X TeX] TeX Programs i-Package has been updated

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Wed Apr 10 14:20:51 CEST 2002

There has been an update of the TeX Programs i-Package. This update 
contains the binaries from TeX Live development sources as of 09:00 on 
Apr 10. It also contains a fix for a problem that was first reported on 
this list, which prevented metafun from working properly. The problem 
was with teTeX's fmtutil in combination with metafun specifics.

A pure administrative completely unnecessary update of the GhostScript 6 
i-Package has also happened, but this is just because I had an error in 
my build setup :-)

TeX-thin.dmg has also been updated.

TeX-fat.dmg has not been updated and contains the old version. This is 
because the changes are minor. The installer on TeX-fat.dmg will detect 
the upgrade, of course. TeX.dmg containing TeXGSInstaller.app has not 
been upgraded. Use the i-Installer to upgrade if you installed with 

If you do not need metafun, there is no need for an upgrade. However, 
since these binaries are also meant to end up in the official TeX Live 
distribution, I would prefer that at least a few users upgrade to test 
the new binaries and programs, as the TeX Live deadline is coming near.

To install, use your existing dedicated TeX i-Installer from TeX-
thin.dmg or TeX-fat.dmg. Then select the TeX Programs i-Package and 

New users: go to http://www.rna.nl/tex.html for information.


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