[OS X TeX] Splitting a .tex into multiple PDF files

J.Huelsmann J.Huelsmann at tu-bs.de
Fri Apr 19 12:47:06 CEST 2002

>Why not just use the page-range selection in the Print dialogue box 
>and set the "Output Options" in the dialogue to "Save file as PDF"?
>No muss, no fuss, no changes to your source file.
>And I will take this opportunity to say how bizarre I find it that 
>in Windows (at least 98 and 2000) there does not seem to be any 
>standard way to generate postscript (or PDF) files from arbitrary 
>programs. I have relied on this feature of MacOS for years for 
>putting all manner of stuff on my web page.
>Josh Hodas

But via Print Center no fonts will be included and the PDF is 
uncompressed; or do you have a solution to this?

--Jan Hülsmann--

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