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<x-flowed>Francesco Costanzo and I have come up with a nice little method for 
labelling graphics for those of you using TeXShop and Illustrator. 
Many of you may already be aware of this method, but we had not seen 
it before. Here is a .tex file that you can simply typeset to get the 
procedure. If you don't want to typeset it, you can simply decipher 
the LaTeX.

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%                                      %
%   Define the margins and the like.   %
%                                      %

\title{The Key to Graphics-Inclusion Nirvana Using \TeX Shop and 
Adobe Illustrator}
\author{Francesco Costanzo\\
         Gary L. Gray\\
         {\small Engineering Science \& Mechanics} \\[-0.05in]
         {\small Penn State University}}
\date{September 28, 2001}



This is the procedure for labeling graphics using TeXShop, Adobe 
Illustrator, and Mac OS X.
Create your image, without any labels, using Adobe Illustrator (this 
was only tested with Illustrator 9 under Classic). Of course you can 
generate the \verb".eps" or \verb".pdf" figures elsewhere, and then 
open them in Illustrator.

Create a .tex document that:
is a single page with no page number;
includes, using the graphics package, the image created in Step~1;
includes the typeset labels you wish to include on the this figure.

Typeset the document created in Step~2 using the \TeX\ + Ghostscript 
option and be sure to set the \TeX Shop preferences so that the 
resulting \verb".ps" file is saved.

Open the \verb".ps" file created as a result of Step~3 in Illustrator 
and place the typeset labels on the figure where you would like them. 
Disregard any warnings issued by Illustrator when opening the file. 
Then save this file out of Illustrator as an \verb".eps" file. Be 
sure and tell Illustrator to include the document fonts. For the sake 
of this description, call this file \verb"figurename.eps".

At this point, if your intention is to use an \verb".eps" figure in 
\TeX Shop, then you are done. If you wish to use \verb".pdf" figures, 
then proceed to Step~6.

Now create another \verb".tex" document similar to the one created in 
Step~1, except this time you need to include the following when 
including the \verb".eps" file created in Step~4.
Typeset this file, again using the \TeX\ + Ghostscript option. This 
time you only need the resulting \verb".pdf" file.

Open the \verb".pdf" file created in Step~6 in Illustrator. Save that 
file out of Illustrator as an Illustrator \verb".pdf" file. This is 
not a typo---you \emph{should} save the file as a \verb".pdf" file 
since Illustrator will add the needed ``bounding box'' info. Again, 
disregard all Illustrator warnings. Let's call this file 

Open \verb"temp.pdf" in a text editor (we like BBEdit\footnote{If you 
use BBEdit, be sure and turn off ``QuickTime Translation'' in the 
BBEdit ``Application'' preferences or else BBEdit will open the 
\texttt{.pdf} file as a \texttt{.pdf} file instead of as a text 
file.}) and look for the \verb"/ArtBox" information. This will give 
you the bounding box or viewport for use in the option to 
\verb"\includegraphics" in your final document. Copy the numbers 
found in this ``art box''.

Repeat Step~6 without placing the \verb"\fbox" around your figure. 
Give this file the name that you want to give to the final version of 
the figure that you will be including in \TeX Shop. Here, we will 
call it \verb"fig.tex". Once this file is typeset, the resulting 
\verb".pdf" is the file you will be including in whatever document 
you are writing with the command:
\verb"\includegraphics[viewport=XX XX XX XX]{fig}"
where \verb"XX XX XX XX" is the \verb"/ArtBox" information found in 
Step~8. The \verb".pdf" that results from this this step is the file 
you will include in your document.




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