[Mac OS X TeX] Choosing an EPS editor

fwallenberg at mac.com fwallenberg at mac.com
Sun Oct 7 04:29:13 CEST 2001


As a recent convert to LaTeX I've suddenly found a much larger need for 
an application that allows me to edit vector graphics. The obvious 
alternatives are Adobe Illustrator and Stone Studio's Create. Since I 
neither have a lot of experience with LaTeX publishing nor with the 
products in question I need some help in judging which of the two to buy.

I'd like your opinion on three dimensions. Note that I don't need a 
discussion about value for money since I can get very similar deals on 

A) Ease of use
B) Manipulation of eps graphics (and pdf) for LaTeX publishing
C) Web publishing

I realize that I might get better info on C from other sources, but I 
figure that the demographics of this list matches my needs and skill 
level rather closely.



Fredrik Wallenberg
Ph.D. Student @ SIMS
102 South Hall, Berkeley CA 94720
(510) 612-9975 cell
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