[Mac OS X TeX] TeXShop and tex/gs again

David Wagner wagner at math.uh.edu
Fri Oct 26 23:09:26 CEST 2001

This was last discussed on September 30, AFAIK.

I now have two machines running Mac OS X 10.1 and TeXShop 1.13, with the
latest teTeX.  Both were installed using the installer, not with fink.  One
machine is a B&W G3 at 450 MHz with lots of disk space.  This machine has a
5 GB partition for MacOS X and so I have teTeX, TeXShop, XFree86, and all
MacOS X apps installed on that partition.  For this machine, running tex/gs
(altpdflatex) from TeXShop runs fine.  altpdflatex also runs fine from the

On my Pismo laptop, I only allocated 2 GB for MacOS X, hoping that somehow
the OS would allow me to put /usr stuff on another partition.  There is no
simple way to do that without simply edition /etc/fstab and mounting
partitions on whatever directories I want.  Anyay, I haven't done that.  I
have put teTeX, XFree86, and in fact everything in /usr/local on another

So in /usr, local appears as a link to /Volumes/Applications/local
And in /usr/local, teTeX appears as a link to /Volumes/Applications/teTeX/.

On the Pismo, tex/gs does not work from TeXShop unless I use "open
myfile.tex" from a tcsh-shell, either in Terminal or in an xterm.
altpdflatex works fine from a shell.

Could this problem have something to do with TeXShop not being able to
follow links?  Note however that ordinary latex (pdflatex) works fine from

One thing I might try is to move /Volumes/Applications/teTeX to
/Volumes/Applications/local/teTeX, eliminating one link.

David Wagner

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