[Mac OS X TeX]

Nick Warner warner at usc.edu
Sun Oct 14 11:22:43 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>Dear All

Is anyone having trouble printing  from TeXShop
with \magnification large, like 3000 or 4000.  It also
happens at 1500, but is more sporadic.  I suspect
TeXShop is generating "bad pdf" ... the previewers
seem to handle it just fine, but bits of the symbols are
missing upon printing.

Try this:

\hoffset -2cm
\voffset -2cm
\vsize = 5cm
\hsize = 8cm
$$\sum_{N=1}^\infty {1 \over N^2 +1 } $$

and PRINT the result:  bits of the sum are missing,
and no it isn't an obvious hardware problem.....  It
happens on two of my printers that otherwise work

Any comments gratefully received

Nick Warner

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