[Mac OS X TeX] Re: [0ff-topic] Matlab and Mac OS X

Andrew J. Miller ajmiller at psu.edu
Mon Oct 1 20:34:48 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>Unfortunately that's their standard response. If you go to their web 
site http://www.mathworks.com and search for Mac OS X, you'll get the 
same response word for word. That response has been up there since at 
least the middle of June and maybe longer. Your receiving the same 
response says to me is that Mathworks does not really seem to be 
interested in making an OS X version of matlab.

>   I know this is off-topic, but as scientists on the Mac are major uses of
>both TeX and Matlab, and the issue was raised on this list, I thought it was
>still appropriate.
>   As I do routinely since The Mathworks stopped developing Matlab for the
>mac, I wrote once again to The Mathworks to seek re-development, especially
>for Mac OS X 10.1.  My comments included the suggestion made here (i.e., on
>this list) that re-development should much easier for OS X because it is
>essentially 'nix at its core.  I thought I'd share the response I received:
>>  This is in response to Case ID:  688201
>>  Dear Dr. John Vokey:
>>  MATLAB is not supported under Mac OS X.
>>  As we do with all unsupported platforms, we will continually monitor the
>>  marketplace to see whether we should consider support for OS X. At the
>>  current time we do not have any plans or timeframe for supporting OS X.
>>  While we are aware of the similarities and differences between OS X and
>>  other Unix-based systems that we currently support (including issues
>>  related to POSIX compliance, window managers, OpenGL support, number
>>  crunching ability, etc), making a decision to support MATLAB on additional
>>  platforms involves analyzing trends in industrial and educational sectors
>>  to ensure that our resources are allocated in the best way possible for the
>>  entire MATLAB community.
>>  Sincerely,
>>  Natasha Niedzwiecki
>  > Product and Pricing Team


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