[Mac OS X TeX] Re: texshop dirties files

Joachim Kock kock at math.unice.fr
Thu Oct 18 08:36:15 CEST 2001

<x-flowed iso-8859-1>Hello,

as mentioned last week, when using an external editor with TeXShop, it
is a problem that TeXShop saves the file before tex'ing it, which can
lead to conflict if the file is open in the external editor.  (Dick
explained that this is necessary beacuse TeXShop is a unicode editor,
and that it has to translate everything to ascii before sending it to
the compiler.)

However, TeXShop does not check or touch any files included via \input
statements, so a simple workaround is to have an interface.tex file
like this

    % interface.tex
    % have this file open in TeXshop

    % \input{otherfile}
    % \input{thirdfile}

    % where realfile.tex is the one you are currently
    % editing in another programme


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