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MacOSX-TeX Digest #26 - Saturday, June 2, 2001

  Re: [Mac OS X TeX] CMacTeX 4.0
          by "Tom Kiffe" <tom at>
  Re: [Mac OS X TeX] CMacTeX 4.0
          by "Tom Kiffe" <tom at>


Subject: Re: [Mac OS X TeX] CMacTeX 4.0
From: "Tom Kiffe" <tom at>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 22:59:40 -0500

>I downloaded all the CMacTeX package and installed it according to instructions (I already had teTeX and TeXShop installed). It seems to be working fine, with one exception: Macdvi does not render some fonts correctly in the previewer window. I imagine that this is because it is not finding the fonts where it's expecting them.
>Any suggestion as to how to fix this? (Notice that I have also Textures installed, and its previewer has no problems.)

On OS X you can't preview dvi files with Macintosh Postscript fonts since
there is no ATM for OS X. For correct viewing you must use pk (bitmap) fonts.
Make sure the the "Make pk fonts" item under macdvi's Options menu is turned on.
Macdvi should call maketexpk to generate missing pk fonts, provided you have the
metafont sources for the fonts you need. Without knowing exactly which fonts
are not displaying correctly I can't be more explicit.

>Also a more trivial question: Why not use OS X's Preview as a pdf previewer with CMacTeX? I tried setting it as the pdf previewer of choice, but when I used CMacTeX to do pdflatex, it opened a dialogue asking to choose an application to do preview with.

I had to add special code to CMacTeX to make it work with Apple's Preview. This
code was added to the routine which is called when you select "View pdf" from
CMacTeX's File Menu. I forgot to add the code to the routine which is called if
you had turned on "Auto switch to previewer" in the Options Menu. I have fixed
this problem and you can download the patched CMacTeX program at (170K). Let me know if
this patch doesn't solve the problem.

You must first use the "Set apps" item under the Options Menu to set Preview
as the pdf viewer. Be sure to click the "OK" button when you are finished. If
foo.pdf is displayed in either Reader 5.0 or Preview you must close the window
displaying foo.pdf before you try to run pdftex on foo.tex. I would like to
have CMacTeX tell the pdf viewer to close foo.pdf before it runs pdftex on foo.tex
but neither Preview nor Acrobat Reader accept an apple event for closing a file.
The full Acrobat 4 did accept such an event; I haven't tested Acrobat 5 yet.

Tom Kiffe


Subject: Re: [Mac OS X TeX] CMacTeX 4.0
From: "Tom Kiffe" <tom at>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 23:40:31 -0500

>On 5/31/2001 at 9:52 PM -0500, Tom Kiffe wrote:
>>1) The full installation of CMacTeX gives you a basic TeX installation
>>that works in both OS 9 and OS X. The installation can be done in either
>>OS 9 or OS X, the only difference being the location of your Preferences
>>folder. The installation process has been greatly simplified.
>Let me begin by saying that this is fantastic! Now for some questions ... see below.
>>2) If you already have teTeX installed on OS X you can download just one
>>file which contains all of the Carbon binaries and the support files
>>specific to CMacTeX. The teTeX texmf tree can be used with CMacTeX.
>>Version 4.0 fully supports alias folders so you can put CMacTeX on any
>>partition. (With the previous beta release CMacTeX had to be installed
>>on the root partition.)
>If we installed teTeX obtained from the TeXShop web page, should we install the distribution (the archive texmflib.sit.bin???) found on your page (since it is probably a newer distribution)? If so, will the installer simply overwrite the TeXShop distribution or do we need to go through additional UNIX contortions?

Do not install the texmf tree included in texmflib.sit.bin if you have
installed teTeX. My texmf tree is a subset of teTeX's texmf tree. All of
the configuration and format files specific to CMacTeX are included in
texmf-cmt. About the only package included with teTeX that may be out-of-date
is hyperref (texmf/tex/latex/hyperref), if you use my pdftex. If you do have
problems with hyperref and pdftex just download the latest hyperref package
from CTAN.

>>5) Currently CMacTeX contains the only native dvi previewer for OS X which
>>does not require the installation of the X Window System. If a dvi file
>>has been prepared with the srcltx package, a click in a displayed page
>>will take you back to the editor and the editor will highlight the first
>>line of the selected paragraph. This feature currently works only with
>>BBEdit and Alpha because only these editors have the needed Apple Event
>I assume that dvi files created with CMacTeX are of this type?

You must add the srcltx package to your tex source files. A typical latex
document would begin with


in order to specials written to the dvi file. After you have finished 
debugging your sources be sure to remove the \usepackage{srcltx} from
your source file. 
>>6) Macintosh Postscript fonts can be used with CMacTeX's dvips and pdftex.
>>You do not have to convert your Lucida or MathTime Postscript fonts into
>>pfb format.
>Are there instructions for how to do this in your documentation? In addition, does pdftex do 100% embedding of fonts in pdf documents? This seems to be very important for other people to be able to read my/your/anyone's pdf documents with everything showing up properly.

I presume that you have these Postscript fonts in Macintosh format and they
are probably in /Library/Fonts or ~/Library/Fonts. Wherever they are make an
alias of the folder containing these Postscript fonts and move the alias to
the texmf-cmt/fonts/type1 folder. Launch setup and choose "Initialize default
search paths." (This is the CMacTeX equivalent of texhash.) To have dvips
actually use these fonts open texmf-cmt/dvips/config/ and make sure
that the lines


do not begin with a %. To configure pdftex to use the Lucida and MathTime
fonts open /texmf-cmt/pdftex/config/pdftex.cfg and make sure that you have
the lines 


Comment out any other lines beginning with "map" that refer to either the
lucida or mathtime fonts. 

Note that you can open these files from CMacTeX by using the "Open config"
item under the Edit menu.

In dvips you turn partial font downloading on or off in Partial
font downloading is turn on by default. To turn it off make sure that has the line


To turn it back on change j0 to %j0. Pdftex does not have a similar item in
its pdftex.cfg file. I have added this option to the "pdftex options" item
under the Options Menu in CMacTeX. Either of these approaches affects all
Postscript fonts. To turn off partial font downloading just for a few specific
fonts who have to modify the appropriate mapping file. For example, open
texmf-cmt/dvips/config/ One line in this file is

hlcry LucidaNewMath-Symbol <LucidNewMatSym

If you change this line to

hlcry LucidaNewMath-Symbol <<LucidNewMatSym

the LucidNewMatSym font will never be partially downloaded. You can do this
for any font in any .map file.

Tom Kiffe

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