[Mac OS X TeX] opening .tex files under OS X?

David Firth david.firth at nuffield.oxford.ac.uk
Fri Jun 22 11:02:09 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>Thanks to all who replied on my question yesterday.

The solutions suggested were all "active" ones, in the sense that 
something has to be done to a file (or group of files) to make them 
open with a particular application.  I wasn't aware of the tools 
described by Christian Swinehart,

>There are two command line tools for reading and setting 
>Creator/Type codes that are included with the developer tools: 
>GetFileInfo and SetFile.
>For example if you wanted to set the file dissertation.tex to open 
>with BBEdit, type:
>      /Developer/Tools/SetFile -c "R*ch" -t "TEXT" dissertation.tex
where the "-c" and "-t" are the switches for creator and type respectively.

which could presumably be applied recursively to apply to all files 
in a folder or hierarchy of folders.  A more "Mac-like" alternative 
that I know of for doing the same job, and which works well, is 
FileTyper (http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~dazuma/filetyper/), and more 
specifically its "autotyper" facility which allows a folder to be 
dropped and all .tex files within it (and its children) to have their 
type and creator set appropriately.

But I had in mind (I'm ashamed to say) something more like the way 
Windows manages such things: ie, the OS maintains a register of 
filename extensions (such as .tex) and corresponding actions for use 
when they are double-clicked.  Then, if a colleague sends me a .tex 
file, it would just open with my preferred application without my 
having to do anything to it.

I suppose ways of managing such things will emerge as OS X matures...


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