[Mac OS X TeX] TeXShop takes out CMacTeX icons

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Thu Jun 21 06:45:29 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>>Twice now I have had a nasty crash printing from TeXShop. Could, of course,
>be something else on my machine. Its a G4, 400, 256 meg of RAM>. By nasty
>I mean it goes into a blue screen and restarts a bit like a logout, not
>a reboot. Second time it wouldn't come up so I had to reboot. When I
>did I found all the CMacTeX icons had reset to the generic icons.
>Two questions:
>(1) Has anyone else has a printing related TeXShop crash ?
>(2) How do I get the icons back ? In 9 I would rebuild the desktop
>but with X I'm a complete newbie. I tried running Disk First Aid but
>it found nothing.  Of course I can replace the CMacTeX apps
>from the net.  I also tried a reboot after the reboot after the
>crash - no good.

OK so the answer to the generic icons from my colleague Paul McCann

>The OSX equivalent of rebuilding the desktop (which is of course what you'd
>try for the OS9 equivalent of  what you've seen) is to trash the Launch
>Services databases. I'm told that this should be done from the console, so
>what you need to do is maybe:
>(1) logout
>(2) login as ">console" (with the > sign, without the quotes of course)
>(3) login in here as yourself, then
>(4) rm ~/Library/Preferences/LS*
>(5) logout and then login as per normal

The first time I logged back in it didn't  help. I logged out and
in again and it helped. Maybe you have to do something to make the
files rebuild like open something.

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