[Mac OS X TeX] TeXShop 1.1 & Prosper = Success ( = Prosperity???)

Joshua S. Hodas hodas at cs.hmc.edu
Wed Jun 27 13:29:57 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>Hat's off to Richard Koch for the new version of TeXShop which, with its
new TeX + Ghostscript option, handles the Prosper macros (and, I 
suspect all sorts
of other PS based hacks) perfectly.

I am in heaven. While I must fondly thank Thomas Kiffe for CMacTeX which
got me through my Prosper needs on the road last week, this is a much
smoother, more TeXtures-like experience (not that textures could handle
prosper). Just click one button and all the requisite steps fire in sequence.

It also seems to be a good example of the strength of the underlying Berkeley
OS vs what you get by way of the finder.  My impression is that TeXshop is
launching all the apps as faceless unix apps, whereas CMaCTeX is launching
its Carbon ports of those apps (tex, dvips, ps2pdf). In CMacTeX there is
a 1 to 2 second pause (on my Titanium G4 500 with 512 MB of RAM) for each of
those to load and do its work. In TeXshop they all spin off instantaneously.
The time to do the whole process in TeXshop seems less than the first step in

FInally, the pdf's generated by TeXshop exhibit none of the font problems I had
viewing in apples previewer when using CMaCTeX.

And lastly (does that come after finally?), I want to put in a plug 
for Prosper.
While it is not perfect, it does a remarkable job of giving me the look and
functionality of Powerpoint with the ease of LaTeX. (I know that sounds funny,
but with the amount of math I put on slides, LaTeX is FAR easier to use than
Powerpoint.) It seems by far the most sophisticated attempt in this direction
(as compared to seminar, texpower, etc.) You can find it at 
And with the new TeXshop all you need to do is drop it in your local 
or personal
texmf tree and you are good to go.

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