[Mac OS X TeX] Textures and Mac OS X - an editorial

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Fri Jun 1 08:41:24 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>>Thursday, 31 May 2001

>   If anyone has the time, to explain how I might set up my Ti Book 
>to run TeX/LaTeX natively under OS X in a manner similar to what I 
>have learned to expect in Textures, I would be much obliged.  It 
>would be nice to know what TeX Engine I need, if there are any weird 
>installation procedures, ease of use, editor of choice, additional 
>fonts I need to install, any packages I need to run LaTeX, pdf 
>viewers, and whether it is possible to see the output as I type.

>Zach Davis
>On Thursday, May 31, 2001, at 10:54  PM, Gary L. Gray wrote:

Dear Zach,

I have never used Textures although my wife has it and thereby I have 
some experience being the family mac expert.
But I have been a long time user of OzTeX and Alpha.   Neither are 
carbonised yet so I have been experimenting
with both TeXShop and CMacTeX.  If you want a straightforward setup, 
with a minimalist editor,  I'd go
for TeXShop.

Catches are:

(*) No synchronicity (never tested this myself in textures - my wife 
never bought the upgrade)

(*) No live texing as you type - you have to typset - its pretty fast.

(*) Because it is pdflatex or pdftex it doesn't let you include
postscript graphics.    You need to convert them with something to 
pdf. The simplest thing is Tom Kiffes MacGhostView
which has a little ps2pdf script you can drag and drop onto.

(*) There are instructions on the TeXShop page about
setting it up.  It does need a little command line work in Terminal. 
I have a feeling this is going to be a
feature of OSX!  If you are working in a University environment like 
I am a little UNIX knowledge is I think
a worthwhile investment and UNIX is very prevalent.  For some time 
mine knowledge has been:

(1) Knowing how to get in and out of a document and edit and replace in vi.

(2) Knowing how see invisible files with ls -a

(3) Knowing how to look up processes with ps -xu and to kill them

(4) Knowing how to use rm, cp, mv and to a lesser exent gzip and tar. 
I have no idea what all the options
on this commands mean I just use them!

(5) Knowing how look something up on a man page.

Since getting  OSX and hence having root privileges I know how to

(6) Sudo (very carefully :-) )

If you want to do more complicated things and don't mind a bit more 
complicated setup get

Actually I would   get  both as they are both cheap and can share 
files.  You are going to
need MacGhostView anyway if you even want to include a ps file in 
your pdflatex.


PS [OFF-TOPIC] Isn't the TiBook wonderful :-)
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