[Mac OS X TeX] Phantom Prosperity

durinx at rulsfb.leidenuniv.nl durinx at rulsfb.leidenuniv.nl
Mon Jun 25 22:44:39 CEST 2001


1. Is it just my impression, or does teTeX not support \phantoms ? I use 
and misuse them extensively and happily,
so would miss them greatly. teTeX does seem to recognize them, as it 
does not give an error, but on the other hand it does not properly 
process them: it ignores them. Am I right, is there an alternative, 
what's the situation?

2. How about landscape-mode (as in:   
\documentclass[12pt,landscape]{article}  ) ?  In the preview, the text 
falls of the page (no worry, Mac previewers have never been able if it 
comes to rotating and picture-ing)--- but oh no, it is there to stay on 
the final pdf version... I would like to use the PROSPER class for 
making very nice looking powerpoint-like presentations not only without 
the help or nice mr. Gates but also including math.
Has anyone been able to run it under OS X (in my case: preferably 
TeXShop+teTeX). By the way, it's never ran properly under OS 9 
(Alpha+Oztex) either, on my Mac.  'Must be a bounding box thing', ok, 
but how to solve it?

Michel <CRASH! Kernel panic! Kaoz! ok, my work here is done> Durinx
<AKA the NextGenerationFool2.1, the improvement in fooling IdiotProof 
(tm) programs>

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