[Mac OS X TeX] opening .tex files under OS X?

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Thu Jun 21 17:50:50 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>As far as I understand, OS X uses the extension (.tex here) to associate 
a file with an application only when the file has empty creator and type 
fields: otherwise it uses these (pre-X) fields to associate the files 
with a Classic application. Clear these fields, and your .tex file will 
magically get a TeXShop icon. (Does anybody know how Pepper does its 
magic cf. [Mac OS X TeX] Pepper burnt me :-)?)

There used to be Classic utilities allowing to change the type/ creator 
fields of groups of files and folders, sometimes it was even possible to 
apply the change only to a selection of files within these groups, based 
on search criteria.

I don't remember what these utilities were. As for me, I still use a 
small (16 K) drag-and-drop utility called ctc 1.5, available on sumex 
circa 1993, allowing the change of creator/type/EOLs (by Brian Bechtel).

By the way, I noticed that all the files I imported from my pre-OS X 
directories are owned by "root", while all the files I created after 
installing OS X are owned by "[my username]" (well, I also happen to be 
root, but not necessarily anybody is :). Does anybody know how to change 
this without having to Terminal then chmod?

Is there also a possibility of having .sty .cls .ltx etc. files opened 
by TeXShop, not just .tex files?

Bruno Voisin

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