[Mac OS X TeX] Phantom Prosperity

Joshua S. Hodas hodas at cs.hmc.edu
Tue Jun 26 20:27:06 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>That's what I get for going out of town, and for reading my mail 
sorted most recent first.

It looks to me like the new release of TeXShop, allowing the more traditional
path instead of pdflatex would probably do what we need. If so, bravo.

I have not tested it yet though.


>>I would like to use the PROSPER class for making very nice looking 
>>powerpoint-like presentations not only without the help or nice mr. 
>>Gates but also including math.
>>Has anyone been able to run it under OS X (in my case: preferably 
>>TeXShop+teTeX). By the way, it's never ran properly under OS 9 
>>(Alpha+Oztex) either, on my Mac.  'Must be a bounding box thing', 
>>ok, but how to solve it?
>I have successfully used Prosper to prepare a talk last week using CMacTex.
>This is, as far as I know, the only option, as it requires pstricks which
>does not work with  TeXShop (or any pdflatex based system).
>Note that what I did was use the CMacTeX installation that builds 
>off the texmf installation
>from TeXshop. This has all the stuff you need other than prosper itself.
>In contrast, when I tried a straight CMacTeX installation under 9.1 
>with its own
>texmf there were a variety of packages missing.
>I do wish there were a way to make this work under TeXshop, as it is 
>a much friendlier
>setup, but I guess the architectural problems are too deep.  It 
>would be  nice if
>CMacTex could provide a single command to tex-dvips-ps2pdf-display.
>Note also that I had to reboot in 9.1 to actually give my show. 
>Acrobat 5.0 (the carbon
>version) flashes white between slide changes when in full-screen 
>mode. (Version 4.0
>just displayed only white in full-screen mode, so this is an improvement.)
>Also, I am a bit confused in that there seem to be font problems 
>(partially blank pages)
>viewing the created pdfs in apples previewer. This is odd because 
>the sample pdfs that
>come with prosper all display fine.
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