[Mac OS X TeX] Carbonized Excalibur: Status and Call for Help

Rick Zaccone zaccone at bucknell.edu
Mon Jun 11 16:19:59 CEST 2001

I have been working on carbonizing (carbonating?) Excalibur for the
past couple of weeks and I've made good progress.  It runs under MacOS
X with just one feature disabled.  In order for Excalibur to
automatically open the clipboard, I will need to change it so that it
supports carbon events.  This will add a couple more weeks (at least)
to my job.  At this point, it seems reasonable that I will have a
carbonized Excalibur ready in about a month.  Please don't hold me to
that though!

There is one other detail which I was hoping that someone could help
me with.  Excalibur needs some new 128x128 icons for MacOS X.  I have
no artistic ability and even if I did, I don't have the necessary
tools.  Is anyone willing to produce nice looking OS X icons for me?
If you are interested or you know a creative student who would like to
do it, please let me know.  Although Excalibur has 5 icons that it can
display, 4 of them are just variants of one another.

Rick Zaccone
zaccone at bucknell.edu

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