[Mac OS X TeX] TeXShop 1.1 is available

Gary L. Gray gray at engr.psu.edu
Mon Jun 25 02:02:03 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>TeXShop 1.1 was released this weekend. As you can see below, we now 
have the option of typesetting to dvi files so that we no longer have 
to convert eps files to pdf before including them in LaTeX documents. 
I haven't tried this yet, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I 
will have fewer font problems. Now if only Adobe would release a 
Carbon version of Illustrator.

In addition, teTeX now has a very nice installer and includes GhostScript.

Looks good!

The following changes were made in version 1.1:

*  TeXShop has an additional typesetting mode which runs latex to 
produce a dvi file, dvips to convert it to a postscript file, and 
ps2pdf to convert the postscript to pdf. A menu item allows users to 
change between this typesetting engine and pdflatex. In the new mode, 
eps illustrations can be used without conversion, postscript special 
commands work, and certain bitmap fonts which do not correctly 
display using pdflatex can be seen. Thanks to Sean Luke for providing 
the original script for this mode, and to Gerben Wierda for polishing 
the script and including it in teTeX.
*  TeXShop preferences have been modified to work with a new 
compilation of teTeX.
*  The previous version of TeXShop did not correctly indicate changes 
made to tex source after saving to disk, so users could close the 
file without being asked if they wanted to save changes. This is 
*  The previous version did not allow users to save changes made to 
bibtex files. This is fixed.

Version 1.1 of TeXShop is accompanied by a new compilation of teTeX 
by Gerben Wierda. The new compilation has numerous bug fixes and 
improvements, including

*  teTeX comes with an installer; the Terminal program is no longer 
needed during installation.
*  Both teTeX and ghostscript are installed. Ghostscript is used by a 
few new teTeX programs.
*  teTeX and pdftex have been upgraded to the latest versions.
*  Bibtex now works with files using Macintosh line feed conventions, 
so such files need no longer be converted before being used.
*  teTeX has been configured so users can install their own style 
files, fonts, etc. in ~/Library/teTeX. Therefore the file texmf.cnf 
does not need to be reconfigured, as in the past.
*  Texconfig can handle pdftex.
*  ConTeXt has been upgraded to the latest version.
*  Texinfo has been upgraded to the latest version.
*  The bbold font now works.
*  Epstopdf.sty has been added.
*  An aldpdftex script, used by the new TeXShop typesetting mode, has 
been added.
*  The new version of pdftex accepts many pdf illustrations which 
were mangled by earlier versions.

You can see my info on the new TeXShop at:


or you can head straight for the TeXShop web site at:

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