[Mac OS X TeX] Fonts, Illustrator and much frustration

Gary L. Gray gray at engr.psu.edu
Fri Jul 6 17:57:14 CEST 2001

<x-flowed>On 7/6/2001 at 8:32 PM +1000, Ross Moore wrote:

>The best way is to *not* add the typeset mathematics in Illustrator.
>Add it afterwards, using TeX (either Textures, pdfTeX or other TeX).
>Have a look at these examples that I've just finished working on today:
>   http://www-texdev.mpce.mq.edu.au/WARM/WARMhome/ILLUS902/testimage2.pdf
>   http://www-texdev.mpce.mq.edu.au/WARM/WARMhome/ILLUS902/testimage3.pdf
>   ...
>   ...
>   http://www-texdev.mpce.mq.edu.au/WARM/WARMhome/ILLUS902/testimage8.pdf

I have been unable to connect to that address, though I am very intrigued.

>Each of these has 5 images, as follows:
>   The 1st is from an .eps file created in some version of Illustrator
>   (some at 6.0, most at 8.0) and some display bad font substitutions.
>   The 2nd image is from the same .eps resaved as Illustrator v9.02,
>   with the bad labels moved to an invisible layer and extra "marked objects"
>   added using a special plug-in.
>   It also has the labels reset using TeX, via Xy-pic + extensions.
>   The 3rd image shows the "marked-points" which allow this method to work.

What do you mean by this? Your solution sounds good, except that I 
would like to have a nice way of positioning the typeset 
text/mathematics to the figure other than by trial and error. In 
addition, what is the preferred method for placing the text on the 
area of the figure? Are these "marked-points" to which you are 
referring a means of doing this?

>   The 4th image shows the same image labelled using different font styles,
>   so as to be more suitable for an overhead slide.
>   The 5th image is a snapshop of just the graphic, with labels, 
>suitable as a slide
>   or to be included within other documents.
>The  .tex  sources and .eps (and .pdf) files for all the images
>are in the same directory.

I am unable to connect. Can you please e-mail me these files?

>Note that this method of labelling graphics avoids all of the known
>font problems with Illustrator and Acrobat Reader --- my pdfTeX is patched
>to avoid the problem that caused font-substitutions when printing ---
>and does *not* require special versions of the CM fonts for Illustrator.

How can we tell if our local versions of pdftex have been suitably 
patched? If it has not been patched, how do we do so?

Thank you,
    Gary L. Gray
    Associate Professor
    Engineering Science & Mechanics
    Penn State University
    (814) 863-1778

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