[Mac OS X TeX] Prosper/acrobat reader 5 & TeXShop looks

Durinx Michel durinx at rulsfb.leidenuniv.nl
Wed Jul 11 17:57:18 CEST 2001


1. Files created with prosper do flash white pages between slides-
that has been remarked before, but is there any hint on
a. cause (in prosper, or in reader? I guess reader)
b. who's going to change it (the Adobe people, or the Prosper users)?
or give up and only use reader 4? (it can still be downloaded from 
their messy download page--- it keeps trying to give you reader 5)

2. TeXShop 1.11 is already quite nice, but I am still very much used 
to the Alpha editor; mainly the coloring scheme + the flashing of the 
opposing bracket when typing a right bracket.
I find this really really practical to locate my many errors in 
balancing brackets. I assume there is no patent on the coloring 
scheme (otherwise the
'red-is-for-comments' would not be there, nor 'blue-is-for-commands'.
I really miss 'green-for-accolades' and the flashing of brackets.
Is it possible to change (ADD) these properties yourself, or is there 
a nice person responsible who can add these, so I can send lots of 
moving requests to add these features + sad family stories to move 
him/her/them into changing it?

I find now that I do all larger files, or files which others cannot 
find their errors, in Alpha+OzTeX, and only short files or definite 
versions of long files in TeXshop+teTeX....

All the best,

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